About Us

 We Ride:  We ride about 10 months a year, depending on the severity of winter. We start in the lower elevations and work our way higher as the season progresses.  We visit places with all types of scenery and terrain.  Our rides vary from very easy to somewhat technical.  Rides are rated as to difficulty.  We usually start mid morning  with a lunch stop during the day and ending in late afternoon.  We have a no  rider left behind policy.  Experienced riders are always available to help the less experienced.

 We Camp:  We do several camp outs a year.  Some are only for a weekend, some are extended to several days or even a week.  This is the time for socializing and getting to know your fellow MVATVR members.  We have some fantastic cooks in our club and potlucks have been known to occur quite often.

We Work:  We believe in doing out part.  We work with land management agencies to make ATV/UTV riding better and safer by doing trail projects

 We Protect:  This portion of what we do is not as much fun as the riding and camping, but is probably the most important.  If we have no place to ride there is no camping, there is no riding.  Sadly there are folks that believe that  motorized recreation should go away on public lands.  Our access to public land is under constant attack. We work with land managers to keep our public land open for ATV /UTV riding.  We are actively involved in all land management decision making in our riding area.  We are involved in state and federal legislation which affects ATV /UTV riding.  We are a member of the Idaho State ATV AssociationBlue Ribbon Coalition and the Idaho Recreation Council.  Sadly sometimes litigation is the only solution to a problem.  We are willing to take that step if necessary to protect our riding areas. Numbers matter.  The larger our organization the stronger our voice


We Give Back:  We raise several hundred dollars for various Magic Valley groups such as the Jubilee House and Safe Kids.  We contribute to the local Quick Response Unit fundraiser.

 We Care:  We care about keeping our riding areas open.  This means we have a responsibility to take care of our public land and the trails we ride on.


BLM Videos produced with our members.

 Don't Dump Idaho: Magic Valley ATV Rider Stan Mai

Don't Dump Idaho: Magic Valley ATV Riders President Kent Oliver

Don't Dump Idaho: Recreational shooter Don Zuck

Our mission to bring together ATV/UTV Riders to Promote, Enjoy and Protect the sport of ATV/UTV Riding.


• Be part of a family friendly camping and riding group
• Have new places to ride
• Meet new people to ride with
• Join with others to have a unified voice when dealing with land  managers and public officials
• Be kept up to date on changes regarding laws and regulations
• Help to make ATV/UTV riding better by being a good example
• Improve riding areas by doing trail repair and cleanup
• Socialize with other ATV/UTV riders

Your Membership entitles you to :
Discount on  Air St. Luke's membership
Discount at participating businesses
Photos and videos of rides
Access to members only section on website
Bimonthly newsletter
Future ride information

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