Being Responsible

Pets should be kept on a leash of no longer then 6 feet during any rides, camp outs or other MVATVR events. Please be a responsible pet owner and respect the rights of others.

Idaho State Law states that being under the influence and/or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs while operating an OHV is illegal and therefore will not be tolerated by MVATVR, Inc.

Generator use should be with consideration for others in camp and a recommended quiet time from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM needs to be observed.

By operating your machine in a safe responsible manner, waiting at intersections and corners, you can insure that fellow riders will not be left behind and everyone will have an enjoyable ride.

Being a responsible member means, abiding by state motorized laws and obeying regulations for the area you are riding in, not disturbing wildlife, respecting the land and any private property that is crossed and closing any gates you open.

Please conduct yourself in a proper manner and strive not to be offensive to anyone, and respect the rights of others.

Our philosophy regarding multiple use on public lands is:  We must be ever mindful that we are riding on public lands. When riding on public lands we have a responsibility to both the land and the other users. Multiple use means shared use. Sometimes we may not always be happy to share our public land with other users, but cooperation, respect and tolerance are the foundations that make it possible for all users to coexist in a harmonious shared environment. 

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