General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) License

As we ride we are normally communicate on channel 6 of the Family Radio Service (FRS) spectrum.  Recent changes to the Federal Communications Commission have re-designated the power settings for the various channels/frequencies.  As some of the members have purchased newer and more robust radios to utilize the higher power output utilizing the GMRS licensing, we have attached the steps in obtaining the license.  If you are using an output of more than the 1/2 watt allowable for the FRS radios you are required to have a GMRS license.  The cost is $70 for a 10 year license.  The license can be obtained on line and is fairly simple to obtain.

Googling “GMRS” will lead to a plethora of articles about the GMRS radio service.

Click here to print a copy of the instructions to obtain the license.