Spring Time Riding

It has been a very mild winter here in the Magic Valley and that seems to  be causing the riding juices to start to flow early.  Remember it has been winter no matter how mild it was or is.  When you ride be careful as some of the trails have sloughed off to a point where you may get thrown off camber and end up off your wheels.  Also as you ride in the desert areas, the tumbleweed may have piled up from the winds and cover up hidden dangers.  Even the most experienced drivers get a surprise occasionally.

In this accident, the seat belts and the helmets that were worn saved the riders from almost certain serious injury.  The use of belts and helmets are not mandatory here in Idaho but in every accident they avert serious injury and even loss of life.  Please wear them.

Wherever and whenever you do ride, be careful and check out the trails before you go running off like a spring buck or doe and get yourself into a unwanted situation.  We need you to be here safe and your vehicle in good shape for the summer fun coming up.