Upload Photos

If you wish to share your ride photos with us, please use the highest resolution you have and we cannot provide a "byline" or "contributed by" identification.  No matter how you upload your pictures, please email webservant@mvatvr.org and let us know what the pictures are of.  We would appreciate the dates, places and if you are the ride host, a summary for the "Latest News" section of the site,  otherwise we don't have a clue unless we were also on the ride.

You have two options to upload your pictures.  The first option involves uploading the images directly to one of our albums.  The instructions to do that is below.

After you click on the link at the end of these instructions, you will be taken to the Google Photos page.  Since this is the method of choice by the club, if the "Upload" option is not presented you will have to join the Google Photos utilizing a Gmail account.  If you do not have a Gmail account you will have to obtain one (20 second process) or take option two below.

To upload your pictures, please click the "Upload Photos" if available or the "Join" button if Upload is not visible.  This will allow you to upload photos to the "Upload" album.

To up load your photos, click on the icon on the upper right corner that looks like the "Add to album" icon below.




Another window will open and in the upper right corner now will be the "select from computer" button.  Click it and then navigate to wherever the pictures you wish to upload are and select which images you wish to upload.  If you hold down the control key as you chose you can select several images at once.



When you have selected all the photos you wish to share, click on the "Open" button on the bottom right of the window. 

To use the online method, click here to upload your photos.


If you do not have a Gmail account and do not wish to obtain one, the second option is to give your pictures to Marvin Barnes on a CD, DVD, Memory Stick or SD Card and he will upload them and return your device back to you.  You can reach him via email at webservant@mvatvr.org.

No matter which option you utilize, thanks for sharing.  Processing may take up to three days to get them sorted and in the proper albums.