What is the Magic Valley ATV Riders Club and Why is it Important

• We are a social organization and make it possible for folks with similar interests to interact in a social setting, such as meetings, picnics, rides and camp outs.
• We promote the positive aspects of ATV/UTV riding.
• We work to protect our access to our public land.

We realize that not everyone likes to attend meetings and go with a large groups on the ride, that's okay.
Maybe you don't agree with everything that our club does, that's okay.
Maybe you don't like everyone in the club, that's okay.
Maybe you don't like working on trails, that's okay.
Maybe you don't like the local land managers, that's okay.
Maybe you don't like getting involved with political issues, that's okay.

None of the above are good reasons for not joining a club.
Even if you do not want to be actively involved it is very important you belong to an active organization.
The so-called environmental groups, (actually restricted use non-motorized groups) learned a long time ago that numbers, networking, and a unified voice gets attention.
We are the grassroots of motorized recreation.
We support state organizations such as the Idaho ATV Association and the Idaho Recreational Council.
We also support national organization such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition.
We all have a role in maintaining and increasing access to public land.
We would like to encourage you to give us your support in the fight to keep our public land open to motorized use.
$25 a year is very inexpensive way to help us do what is needed.

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